About Me

Yes. I travel the world. You can find me bicycle touring, hiking and canoeing anywhere and everywhere. I am based in Toronto, Canada and lead trips for my local outdoors club. I also join guided trips like the one in Italy in the photo.

West Montrose Covered Bridge
Photo of me across the West Montrose Covered Bridge

Bicycle Touring

VeloPiste Jacques-Cartier
VeloPiste Jacques-Cartier at Shannon near Quebec City

I lead bicycle touring journeys in Europe such as Northern Italy and in North America including the Quebec tour above and others in the USA including Maine, Wisconsin, New York State and elsewhere. Seeing an area close up on two wheels is a great way to explore.

I have also been on some guided bicycle tours where you meet other cyclists and have an experienced guide to make the arrangements.

Great Hiking

McCarston's Lake., Mono Cliffs
View of McCarston’s Lake in Ontario

While I mostly lead day hiking in Ontario there are also multi-day visits in other provinces, the USA and Europe. This site includes many of these hikes.

The Trans Canada Trail (Great Trail), Bruce Trail and many local trails are located near my home making it an easy getaway.


Castelnaud, France
Castelnaud, France viewed from canoe

Yes, sometimes I canoe in Ontario and on one occasion along the Dodogne River in southern France. We are blessed with many rivers and lakes within easy driving range of my home.

I hope you find the information about my experiences in these articles helpful for your own planning or for just reading enjoyment, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.