Coopers Falls Trans Canada Trail

If you are looking for a beautiful autumn hike then the Cooper Falls Section of the Trans Canada Trail provides outstanding fall colour plus the  rugged beauty of the Canadian Sheild. This part of the trail is not well known yet so do not expect to meet a lot of other hikers.

Trans Canada Trail
Crossing stream on floating bridge

You will be starting in a heavily forested section for the first few kilometers. You then reach the rocky shores of a river which is crossed on a long wooden floating bridge. The next part is rocky with a lot of moderate ascents and descents over small ridges. At times you see lakes to either side so you can take in the views.

Coopers Falls Section Trans Canada Trail
Overlooking lake along Trans Canada Trail

The trail is easy to follow with a combination of painted white blazes on the trees and when walking across the rock of the Canadian Shield rock piles. Each rock pile is a little different the whoever build them must have had a lot of fun creating these statutes as each is unique and impressive to view.

Trans Canada Trail marker
Different rock piles mark route

You reach a dirt road which the route follows for about a half kilometer before you turn right and head off across the Canadian Shield again. You soon come to another small lake which makes a pretty lunch spot.

Further along with a few ups and downs there is a short boardwalk along one side of a lake. Sometimes the section just past this can be flooded.

Canadian Shield hiking
Hiking on the Canadian Shield

The hike can be as long as you wish as the trail is completed for quite a distance, we normally walk about 15 km by going seven plus kilometers before returning the same route. It always looks different somehow on the return even though we are on the same trail. There are benches along the way in a few strategic locations on the top of hills overlooking the lakes.

Getting to Coopers Falls

Coopers Falls Road, Muskoka
Coopers Falls Road

Take Hwy 400 and 11 north exiting at Coopers Falls Road (Simcoe Road 32) north of famous Weber’s Restaurant and drive about 10 km. Just past the few houses that make up Coopers Falls you will see a large white Trans Canada Trail sign. There is a small parking lot or if no space just park by the side of the road. Distance from central Toronto to trailhead is 165 km.

For other hiking opportunities near Toronto, click here. If you are looking for somewhere to hike in the autumn and take in the colours then the Coopers Falls section of the Trans Canada Trail is for you.

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