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Cycling in Montreal

Cycling in Montreal

I love this funny video about the living on a bike. Its about this guy from Montreal and his different activities while riding including frying up breakfast to taking a shower and exploring around the cityi. It helps him feel free. After 382 days see what finally gets this cyclist off his bike.

THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.

Montreal is one of my favourite cities for bicycle touring. A great time to visit is during the annual Jazz Festival in late June. There are an extensive network of bicycle paths from the McGill University residence at the foot of Mount Royal where I stay.

Cycling in MontrealHead out to the east end of the island passing the Olympic Stadium. This route takes you first along the shores of the of the St. Lawrence through parks and residence areas. Take the bike connection route to the North Shore which is a bit tough to follow at times in a wooded area. Return along the bike route on the  north shore of the island.

Cycling in MontrealAnother great circuit is taking the bike trail out to Oka park and continuing to the the town where you take a ferry across the Ottawa River to the town of Hudson. Head south along a road/bike trail until reaching Hwy 20 and turning left along the bike route. it follows the shore back to the start.

When bicycle touring I sometimes feel I spend all my time riding although I love being on a bike. Although I love the time exploring on foot as well. You too can spend time living on a bike while bicycle touring in Montreal. The Cycling Quebec guide can help you plan the route.


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  1. Kiran

    Imagine you meet a cyclist while you are out one day near your home. He or she asks you for some help. At worst you will say you can’t help but try and guide them soewhmere where help is available. Probably you will try to help as best you can. Maybe you’ll go way out of your way to help this stranger, this visitor to your town, county, country and go to extreme lengths to sort out their issues?When you are out touring, most people are like you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to accept help.


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