Family Walking Holiday, 5 Important Tips

Experience a more active vacation together, by taking a family walking holiday. You can start with a walking holiday close to home in a National, state or Provincial Park which provides an inexpensive outdoor activity that is fun for everyone.

Make it even more exciting, educational too, by vacationing in a foreign country or a different part of your own country. A walking holiday can easily be incorporated into your itinerary

Five tips can increase your enjoyment

  1. Have the kids help with the planning

The whole family should discuss the choices for the walking holiday destination and hiking options. Older children can also help with a small part of the research. You may decide to purchase family walking holidays from a travel company so let everyone look at the brochures. By involving your kids in the planning their enjoyment will increase.
Create a hiking packing list including a first aid kit, sunscreen, sun hats, etc. Each child should have their own packsack as you will give them a few light items to carry during the walk. If taking young children dress them in bright colors so they can easily be seen along the hiking trail.

  1.  Distances for a Family Walking Holiday

This will depend on the age the children, kids look at things on a smaller scale. When on a walking holiday with your family travel shorter distances and at a slower pace and progressing as they get more hiking experience. At first take it easy and do not push the kids too hard, let them enjoy the experience and appreciate what they have accomplished. You may even include backpacking trips as the kids get older and more experienced.

  1.  More Frequent Breaks

When on a family walking holiday take more frequent breaks of up to 15 minutes every hour. At break time enjoy a snack, observe the magnificent scenery or take a close look at nearby plants and natural wonders. Bring lots of snacks including energy bars, trail mix, chocolate bars, fruits and a drink. A picnic lunch can also be a fun experience for kids.

  1. Hike Safe

Take care when on a family walking holiday when climbing over rocks, walking along a slippery trail or when crossing a stream. Teach your kids to identify animals, poison ivy, mushrooms, and other potential dangers. Make sure your kids understand what to do if they get lost and give them a whistle for emergencies.

  1.  Teach your kids while having fun

Family walking holidays are a great opportunity to teach your kids hiking. Take a nature guide and have your kids identify the trees, birds, animals they are likely to encounter. You can even play some trail games for even more fun. Show them the blazes so they can even lead at times. And remember to teach your kids trail etiquette such as carrying out their own garbage.

Take the time during your family walking holiday to slow down and enjoy the great outdoors and your experience together.

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