Guided Walking Holidays – 7 Benefits

Booking guided walking holidays can be an exciting and fun way to plan your next hiking trip. Particularly in a Europe or other foreign country where the culture is different than your own having someone else make arrangements can be benefical.

Benefits of booking guided walking holidays

Planning – the travel company making all the arrangements and has had the experience of walking the same trails throughout the season picking the best routes. Destination in Canada, the US, England, Ireland, Italy, France and elsewhere.  Some companies offer avariety of hikes each day based on the fitness levels of the hikers

Guides – experienced guides to show you the way, explain local history and vegetation, advise on proper hiking techniques and assist you if you get in trouble. On one hike on a mountain near Lake Como in Italy a hiker injured her foot and with the assistance of other hikers we reached reached a nearby road where the guide had a van meet us to transport her to the hospital.

Local transportation – your guided walking holidays the travel company arranges buses to get you to the start and finish of your hikes. On your own in some destinations this could involving local buses according to their schedule and connections.

Accommodation – they have buying power and have blocks of rooms for the season at well located hotels they have checked out in advance. Some companies such as HF Holidays own their own country houses which gives them great control over the facilities such as a room for drying your boots. If travelling solo you can save money by sharing a room.

I have stayed in country houses in England, a 15th century hotel in the heart of a walled town in Italy and modern resort hotels as well.

Meals – fabulous meals featuring local cuisine are normally included and you have other hikers in the group to dine with.

Other Hikers – you will meet like minded people from all over the world with various skills

Saving money – accommodation, local transportation and guides are all less expensive when arranged for a group.

Some companies that offer guided walking holidays include GAP Adventures, HF Holidays, Ramblers, Explore, Exodus, the Wayfarers and Peregrine. Some top destinations include the Inca Trail, Rockies, Swiss Alps, Cinque Terra and the Dolomite’s in Italy, England and Scotland 

What I like the best is that all the arrangements have been made and the best trails included, making  it easy to just enjoy the walk and the company of other hikers. Consider guided walking holidays on your next hiking trip.

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