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There are plenty of Ontario hiking opportunities right across this province, some long distance such as the Bruce Trail and Trans Canada Trail while others such as the Seaton Trail are close to Toronto and suitable for day hiking. Then too there are some that are not as well known such as the Humber Valley Heritage Trail.

Whatever your level of experience these hiking guides can assist in planning your next walk for a distance and type of terrain your are comfortable with.

Hiking in Ontario – published in 2013 from Ulysses and available in paperback and Kindle editions. They state the most beautiful hikes everywhere in the province are covered, including Provincial Parks, National Parks and the major hiking trails. It includes detailed maps.

Best Hikes and Walks in Ontario – published in 2013 it features the 10 best hiking trails in the province with detailed information. By Katherine Jacob.

The Best of the Bruce Trail – also by Katherine Jacob, includes maps and descriptions. Having walked numerous times I know there are sections I love and others not as interesting and time is valuable so this guide can assist.

Trans Canada Map Ontario – the trail is still under construction but the map can assist in picking a hike for you. There are some great sections where I rarely find other hikers and they are awaiting discovery.

Explorer’s Guide to Algonquin Park – the premier park in the province has many, and varied hiking trails.

Great Country Walks Around Toronto – although published a few years ago I still use this guide as the maps highlight some great walks that many people don’t know about.

Ontario Provincial Parks Trail Guide – mixed reviews by users for this guide so read the reviews before making any purchase.

One of the easiest and best ways to see Ontario is along a hiking trail and these guides feature a selection of little known trails as well and the best of the Bruce Trail and others.

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