Hiking Gear, Seven Essential Pieces

Did you know there are seven pieces of essential hiking gear? You have planned a walking holiday and are wondering about what hiking gear to pack for your journey.

Hiking gear for day trips does not need to be expensive; however there are seven pieces you should always consider.

Seven Essential Pieces of Hiking Gear

Footwear – first a good pair of hiking boots, suitable for the terrain on your day hike will protect your feet. Your Hiking Gear needs to also include hiking socks to prevent blisters. Your footwear is the most important piece of essential gear for your day hike.

Backpack – your second piece of essential gear for your day hike comes in many different shapes and sizes. For a day hike your backpack can be lightweight, have pockets for equipment and your water bottles. A rain cover is a nice option.  Hydration backpack also make a good choice.

Food and water – high energy snacks such as trail mix, energy bars, bananas along with a light lunch. Sports drinks and water are also essential. A lack of hydration will cause cramps and loss of energy as well.

Map and/or guidebook – you need to know where you are headed so this is also an essential pick of hiking gear. If hiking in a wilderness area it is also recommended you carry a compass and have a basic knowledge on their use. Many hikers today are also using a GPS although it is not an essential piece of hiking gear.

First aid kit – always an essential piece of hiking gear on any hike. Your first aid kit should contain materials to treat minor cuts, blisters and burns.

Safety Items– a cell phone is handy in case of emergencies. Others recommend a whistle however it is only useful over short distance. Depending on the region of your day hike you may require bear spray or a snake bit kit. A flashlight is recommended in case you are still on the trails at dark.

Clothes – depending on the conditions your clothing needs to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. This can include a wind jacket, rainwear, hiking pants or shorts, long sleeve shirt and sun hat. Don’t forget to pack the sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent as well.

These hiking gear items are not essential for your day hike and will increase your enjoyment:

  • A Digital camera to record your memories
  • Binoculars to view the scenery and wildlife
  • Hiking poles to take the weight off your feet and assist you on hills
  • Swiss army knife is always handy in emergency situation
  • Toilet paper

Now that you are all packed for your day hiking with your essential hiking gear go out and have a wonderful time in the outdoors.

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