Hiking Germany

Hiking in Tegelberg, Bavaria

A walking holiday in Tegelberg is like a fairytale. So visit Tegelberg located in the Alps of Bavaria, south of Munich, Germany. This is a trip suitable for moderate level hikers.

Schwangau Accommodation

Schwangau, Bavaria

For accommodation, you should stay in the town of Schwangau or nearby Fussen which have plenty of hotels.

If in Schwangau start your walking holiday in Tegelberg by walking along a local road for about two kilometers to the base of the mountain. You will be joined by the cows who spend the night in town and head out into the fields in the early morning and return around 5 p.m. causing all traffic to stop and wait for the herd to cross. Best vantage point is the outside patio with great beer in hand, the restaurant is on the main road.

Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles

Hohenschwangau Castle

If you want to see the famous castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein built by King Ludwig purchase your tickets for the English language tours at the base of the mountains early and plan to take most of your first day for this.


I recommend both castles during your walking holiday in Tegelberg as they are quite different and you must walk uphill to one, down down, then up again (you get it).

Tegelberg Hiking

Tegelberg Hike

For the hike during your walking holiday in Tegelberg take the steep walk up the mountain to Neuschwanstein castle which takes 40-60 minutes. There is a café near the top to relax. Just past the castle follow the hiking trails to the Marienbrucke (bridge) which provides an excellent view of the castles, Schwangau and lake below.

Continue along the trail over to the Tegelberg where there is a panoramic restaurant and plenty of hang gliders to watch. From the top take the three hour hike back down the mountain which offers amazing scenery at every turn. Expect to take about 7-8 hours to complete the entire hike.

On your third day you could take the cable car up Tegelberg to walk along one of the numerous trails departing from the panorama restaurant.



Another great castle build by King Ludwig is the nearby Linderfhof, his summer home, and also worth a visit. Highlights for me included the bedroom with the window view of a cascading series of waterfalls. Also on the grounds is the grotto, not a real one but a man made grotto with pond and “stage” where opera’s were performed for the king.

Linderhof is located close to Oberammergau, famous for the passion play held every 10 years. At other times it is a bit crowded with bus tours visiting the various shops, not for me but many people enjoy this town.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hiking

I know I am kinda getting away from the main destination but I also love nearby Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I usually stay in a B & B next to the river so I can easily walk into town.

You must pay a tax on your accommodation charge but a benefit is that you gain admission to the summer music series in the park.

Eckbauer, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Eckbauer Hiking, Garmischs-Partenkirchen

This is a ski resort with some wonderful trails in the summer. The Eckbauer trail on the south side of town is one of several I tackled. You take an ancient two person cable car ride to the top and enjoy a coffee at the cafe for and great hike down the hill.

These are other great hikes in the Bavarian Alps can be found in Walking in the Bavarian Alps

This is one of those destinations for a hiking holiday that are top of mind but it should be. With the fairytale castles, fine beer, amazing scenery a walking holiday in Tegelberg, Bavaria makes for a great vacation.

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