Ontario Bike Trails

Ontario Cycling Guides

Ontario provides many opportunities for cycling vacations whether for a weekend or longer. Only a few of the counties and regions publish cycling route guides so you may wish to consider one of the following when planning your ride.

Ontario Bicycle Touring Atlas – updated in 2013 this is the best overall cycling guide of the province. Is really a series of maps displaying possible routes to ride and includes accommodation, camping, restaurant and bike shops along the way.

Waterfront Trail and Greenway – if planning this 900 km journey from Niagara-on-the-lake to the Quebec border this is a must. While cycling recently I ran into some cyclists who were confused by the signs when a local bike route and the Waterfront Trail split, so I find this guide helps.

The Great Toronto Bicycling Guide – includes 16 routes around the city which are good for beginners or like I do to incorporate into a longer route. Although published in 2006 most of the information still works fine.

Cycling in Ontario – from Ulysses, includes 30 of the best rides in Ontario including the Waterfront Trail and Trans Canada Trail. I use it for route planning when visiting areas of the province I am not as familiar with. Updated in 2013, it includes transportation options and tour difficulty ratings, bicycle maintenance and more to help you plan your cycling adventure.

Also available from Ulysses on Kindle are a series regional guides with information taken from the main guide above, published in 2013:

Ontario Cycling Guides

Cycling in Southern Ontario

Cycling in Central Ontario

Cycling in Northern Ontario

Cycling in Eastern Ontario

Cycling in Greater Toronto and Niagara Peninsula

I find that using an Ontario cycling guide improves planning, permitting me to pick the best roads or bicycle paths for a better ride.

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