Open Doors Toronto

Open Doors Toronto By Bicycle

Open Doors Toronto by bicycle is a great way to visit buildings of historical or architectural importance not opened to the public.

At one venue we were greeted at the entrance by one of the guides who remarked how lucky we were to by arriving by bike as other visitors with cars were having trouble finding parking spots and had to find a place for their cars in a nearby mall.

This year there were 135 locations which could be viewed over the two day event and using a bicycle to ride to close locations just made things easy. Our small group of cyclists stopped by Corus Quay where during the tour we had the opportunity to use the slide from the third to the first floor normally used by the staff. Apparently some of the staff have perfected the practice of sliding with their morning coffee. We also saw the staff art gallery with some impressive works.

Open Doors Toronto by Bicycle

Next door at Redpath Sugar not only did we see the museum but were permitted into the vast barn where the raw sugar from the ships was handled by fork lifts.

At Redpath we were given cookies when leaving, at Portland Energy they had wildflower seeds, another venue we received herbal tea and at still another we were given a cup of tea along with honey covered cakes. Good thing I had my panniers to store some of the gifts.

Along the Waterfront Bike Route for example (or with slight detours) besides the sugar plant, Corus there was the Distillery District, an historic fire station, even more historic church with great stained glass windows, Portlands Energy, R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant in a very interesting building.

Further away, but still on our bikes, there was the Todmorden Mills Heritage Site, several churches and even the National Ballet School with its padded floors. There was a scheduled performance later that day so we saw the dancers getting warmed up in the various studios during the guided tour.

Doors Open Toronto by bicycle

When visiting Open Doors Toronto by bicycle assume you will be about a minimum of 45 minutes at each location and plan the most popular in the morning when the lineup’s are smaller. Again when riding focus on a small section of the city each year.

One venue bought in several bike racks for the occasion, others already had bicycle racks wherever we rode there was never any issues with locking our bikes. Click here to check out other rides in the Toronto area.

We were only riding in east end of the city but similar Doors Open Toronto by bicycle visits could be planned in anywhere.