Walking Holidays in Italy – Lake Como

There are many regions for walking holidays in Italy including Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Umbria, The Dolomites, Amalfi Coast and Lake Como.

Lake Como is considered to be the most romantic and beautiful in the Italian Lakes District. There are also many hiking options along the surrounding mountains.

Along the shores are quaint towns with narrow alleys filled with shops and restaurants. The climate is mild so the lakeside promenade each town offers makes for a wonderful evening walk. Together this all makes for a terrific walking holiday destination.

Your walking holidays in Italy can begin from a small hotel in  Menaggio located midway along the shores of Lake Como. First stop for an espresso in one of the many cafes. Then take a local bus to Breglia to start your climb up the medium hard climb up the alps to the Rifuglo Menagglo or continue even further to the top of the mountain. Great views of Lake Como the mountains of Switzerland in the distance.

Lake Como is shaped like a giant letter “Y” with Bellagio in the middle. Another option is to either take the ferry or base yourself in Bellagio.  Take an easy walk of the promontory, which many people consider to be the most attractive part of the Lake Como.

First pick up some sandwiches at a bar or from the grocery store and then head along the Lecco side passing colorful fishing villages and elegant villas. Cross over to the Como side and continue the walk through the lakeside Melzi Gardens.

A third starting location for your walking holidays in Italy is Varenna, considered by many to be the prettiest town in Italy. Start your hike by walking north along the western shore towards Switzerland. Take the steep climb to the ruined castle where the trail levels out. This route passes through forests and quaint villages following a stone medieval trail that passes above Lake Como offering great views.

To make this a complete walking holiday take the ferry to the impressive Villa Carlotta with its extensive gardens and views towards across Lake Como to Switzerland. You can also take the ferry to the town of Lake Como with its many restaurants, churches and other sights.

There are a number of other trails in the Lake Como to explore further on your other days of walking holidays in Italy. One is the circle walk to Mont San Primo, the mountain that forms the backdrop behind Bellagio.

This walking tour can either be self-guided or there are several tour operators who arrange tours including the guide, local transportation, hotel and some of the meals.

Consider taking walking holidays in Italy in the Lake Como region and have a wonderful time.

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